Connecting Milwaukee’s HealthTech Leaders
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About HealthTechMKE

At HealthTechMKE, an initiative of BioForward Wisconsin, our mission is to catalyze startups and intrapreneurs that are focused on bringing healthcare technology solutions to market while improving health outcomes.  We will create a collaborative network that supports companies, creators, and the community through structured programming and interconnected resource hubs.  Our vision is to foster partnerships between healthcare providers, the HealthTech industry, and regional leaders to create the foremost healthcare tech ecosystem in the U.S.

About BioForward Wisconsin

BioForward Wisconsin is the voice of the Wisconsin biohealth industry providing support to the biohealth community through networking events, legislative advocacy, our select savings program, small business scholarships, and educational and speaker programming. To learn more about BioForward and our programs and initiatives, visit our website here.