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Fall Innovation and Technology Showcase

November 19, 2020 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Come learn what’s been brewing in the Tech Exploration Lab and hear what UW-Madison students have been experimenting with.

About this Event

Come to this event to learn about how the Hyper Innovation Tech Exploration Lab enables university collaboration around applications for emerging tech such as AI, IoT, AR and VR, and how these applications are applied to digital health and virtual learning and training.

Learn more about exploratory projects in healthcare innovation including generating predictive and prescriptive analytics for more informed decision-making. You will explore case studies in Hyper Innovation’s Digital Health Sandbox, a test bed for developing and testing new tech solutions “in the wild” with de-identified healthcare data, data scientists and technical experts, and strategic and clinical consultants.

Find out how Holos, a Madison-based virtual reality startup, has developed new use cases and cultivated a talent pipeline through experiential learning and mentoring students.

See highlights from the Fall 2020 Dairy Innovation Hub Challenge with winners showcasing out-of-the-box ideas and tech solutions.

Attendees can expect to:

    • Hear about student interests and exploratory insights from work this semester
    • Gain new insights on ways to leverage data, analytics, and technology to accelerate innovation
    • Discover fresh talent and make new connections
    • Discover ways to develop and pressure test emerging tech solutions more efficiently
    • Learn more about opportunities in the Lab in Spring 2021 to create value through corporate-startup-university collaboration

Who Should Attend:

This event is focused on real-world applications for new tech relevant to decision-makers and leaders from industry. All are welcome to attend.


You may log in for the event starting at 3:50 pm CT or plan to connect at one of the transitions noted below in the agenda for specific segments.



4:00 PM

Log in and Networking


4:05 PM

Introduction to the Technology Exploration Lab

Find out about opportunities for corporations and startups to engage with a Digital Play Space focused on connecting corporate/startup industry problems to solve to multidisciplinary university talent for shared learning, hands-on experience, and talent development.


4:15 PM

Developing and Pressure Testing New Tech Solutions in Hyper Innovation’s Digital Health Test Bed

Haoming Chen, UW-Madison Senior, Statistics

Learn about the importance of having a plug-and-play resource for testing and developing new tech solutions and challenges with sourcing data, identifying use cases, and generating insights in healthcare that can be customized to different verticals and use cases.

Devin Kestell, UW-Madison graduate student, Statistics

Delve into case studies using de-identified healthcare data, data scientists and technical experts, and strategic and clinical consultants to accelerate startups and develop and test AI solutions.


4:35 PM

Using AI to Reduce Readmissions in Healthcare

Ben Chiu, Sophomore, CS and Chemical Engineering

Matthew Kruepke, Sophomore, Business

See a demo of an AI platform designed to generate insights around key metrics to identify ways to reduce readmissions and associated costs.


4:45 PM

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics for Reducing Injury Risk and Improving Performance in Sports Medicine

Andy Wallner, Physical Therapy

Learn how AI can be used to assist coaches in making more informed decisions about managing player health and performance.


4:55 PM

Immersive Learning and Training with Virtual Reality

Kyle Adler, Freshman, Aeronautical Engineering

Olivia Westerbrook

Explore next-generation applications for VR in education and training. Create and develop interactive experiences for users focused on training and educating with “hands-on experiences” in virtual reality.


5:15 PM

Highlight Reel from the Dairy Innovation Hub Challenge

*Assigning Breakout Rooms*


5:20 PM and on

Choose a Breakout for Informal QA and Discussion

– Digital Health Innovation – Hyper Innovation

– Virtual Training & Learning – Holos

– Ag Innovation – UW-Madison

– Tech Exploration Lab and Upcoming Opportunities – UW-Madison, HyperX, and Hyper Innovation

This event is brought to you by:

Hyper Innovation is an Innovation-as-a-Service agency that de-risks innovation and creates new competitive advantage for global brands and leading institutions through focusing and prioritizing growth opportunities, customer and product validation for new solutions, and informing build/buy/partner decisions.

The Hyper Innovation Tech Exploration Lab is a digital playspace focused on addressing corporate/startup driven industry problems to solve leveraging multidisciplinary student innovation for shared learning, hands-on experience, and talent development.

HyperX Madison is a multi-disciplinary, student-run organization for hands-on experience with new technologies and innovation at UW-Madison, that is proud to be sponsored by the Tech Exploration Lab as its student-run innovation partner.

Holos is a Madison-based startup developing a VR platform for use in the classroom. Holos offers tools educators can use to increase student engagement and retention in the classroom — taking learning beyond the book or screen. Immersive learning experiences are the future of in-class education and industry training.


November 19, 2020
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Hyper Innovation